ORGANIZE TRUCK TOOLS IN A SECURE LOCATIONUsually, we cannot use a standard installation method to organize Truck Tool Box. We have to ensure that we can attach a truck tool box in a secure location without even cluttering the cab of your own truck. Commonly, truck tool boxes are made of either plastic or metal. We must read the installation instructions properly for our specific plastic tool box. There are several things you need to prepare to attach a truck tool box such as a metal tool box, scissors, safety glasses, drill bit set, variable speed drill motor, socket set, and 3/8-inch ratchet handle.

We need to turn our truck tool box upside down. Then, we have to place the gasket supplied with our tool box onto the recessed section on both sides of the toolbox. We can continue by peeling the backing paper from the gasket before pressing it firmly onto the toolbox. Afterwards, we have to adjust the toolbox on the location where we want it installed. Pushing one J-bolt through the hole in the bottom of the toolbox is the next thing we have to do. When we finish, we must slide a flat washer, a lock washer, and a hex nut to the threaded section of the J-bolt which is located inside of the toolbox.